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Good Friday 2015
Jieh April 3 2015

Palm Sunday 2015
Jieh March 29 2015

Sit-In Against Landfill Pics
Jieh May 12 2014

Sit-In Against Landfill Video
Jieh May 12 2014

St George's Mass Video
Hymn Psalm 121
Jieh April 26 2014

St George's Day Mass
Jieh April 26 2014

Easter Sunday in Jieh
2 Videos
April 20 2014

Easter Sunday Pics
Jieh April 20 2014

Good Friday in Jieh
7 Videos
April 18 2014

Good Friday Pics
Jieh April 18 2014

Palm Sunday Procession
5 Videos
April 13 2014

Palm Sunday Pics
Jieh April 13 2014

Lazarus Saturday
Traditional Reenactment
April 12 2014

Church Construction
Altar Area Cladding
April 2014

Jieh Pictures
March 2014

Jieh Scores Lowest
in Beach Pollution
June 10, 2013

Pics Church Interior
Jieh June 2, 2013

OLOS Church Interior
Work In Progress
Jieh June 3, 2013

Pics B Virgin Procession
Jieh May 31, 2013

B Virgin Mary Procession
Jieh May 31, 2013

BVM Procession
Jieh May 1, 2013

BVM Procession
Jieh May 1, 2013

New Video
Construction in Progress
OLOS April 21 2013

New Pictures
Construction In Progress
April 21 2013

New Videos
St George's Feast Day
Sunday April 20 2013

St George's Feast Mass
April 21 2013

New Videos
Mass at St George's Jieh
Sunday April 7

New Pics St George's Church Jieh
April 7,2013

New Videos Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Pics

New Videos Good Friday

Way of the Cross Procession
Jieh March 29 2013

Palm Sunday Pics
Jieh March 24 2013

New Vidoes
Palm Sunday 2013

New Church Interior Videos 20-2
Surfing In Jieh - Video 17-2

Church Interior
Work in Progress

Surfing In Jieh
Feb 17, 2013

Jieh Flash Videos
Church- Wedding- NYEvening ...
+ More Videos

New Interior Church Work
Jan 5 2013 -- Pictures

New***New*** Jieh Flash Videos
Christmas Eve in Jieh - Videos

Christmas Eve in Jieh
Dec 24 2012 -- Pictures

New***New*** Jieh Flash Videos

Church Construction
Work In Progress
Dec 2012

St George's Church Jieh
Dec 2012

Christmas Decorations
Dec 2012

Church Construction
In Progress
Jieh Oct 2012

New Jieh Pics
Jieh 24 Oct 2012

St George' Mass
Jieh 22-4-012

Palm Sunday Procession
April, 1 , 2012

New Years' Eve Party 2011

Christmas Kids Party 2011


Christmas Decorations 2011

St Barbara Stroll Jieh 2011

Our Lady of the Star Church

Maronite Bishop Visit to Jieh
August 14,2011.

Mahrajan 2011 part I.

Maronite Patriarch Visit to Jieh.
August 8,2011.

Mahrajan Baladiyet al Jieh
July 25-30,2011.

Palm Sunday Procession.
Jieh April,17,2011.

Jieh Pics.
March 2011.

Congratulations to Wissam Azzi
New WLCU Post.

Car Torched in Jieh
Feb 5 2011.

Christmas Eve
Jieh Dec 24 2010.

St Barbara Feast
Jieh Dec 3 2010.

Jieh Antiquities.
Ancient Phoenician
City of Porpherion.

Saint George's Jieh (Maqsaba) Cemetery Vandalized. .

Avant-Project - Prelimenary Church Interior Plans. .

Assumption Festival
Aug 14 Diner Party.
Jieh Aug 14,2010.

Assumption Festival.
S-S Comedy Play
Jieh Aug 12,2010.

Municipal Festival.
Jieh Aug 1-8,2010.

St Charbel Emigrant's Mass.
Jieh July 17,2010.

BV Mary May Procession.
Jieh May 28,2010.

Elections Day Pictures.

Jieh Town Council Elections Results *UPDATED*.

Jieh St George's Mass April 24,2010.

Jieh Town Council Elections Candidates 2010.

Jieh Palm Sunday Procession March 28,2010.

Jieh Elections Results "Parliament 2009".

New BV Mary Arabic Hymns.

BV Mary May Procession. Jieh May 29, 2009.

Latest Australian Donations. Thanks for your generous support.

St George's Mass
St George Church Jieh
April 25 2009    

Way of the Cross + Good Friday Hymns    

Palm Sunday Jieh, April 5, 2009    

Merry Christmas from Jieh
Dec 2008 

"Mishwar Ma3 Mariam" Visit to Jieh Oct 4th,2008. Pictures and Videos.   

Trip to Saydet Bashawat. July 23,2008.  

St Charbel Emigrant's Mass - Jieh, July 19,2008.  

BV Mary Procession. Jieh May 31,2008.  

BV Mary Arabic Hymns .  

St Georges Mass at new Church in Maqsabeh, Jieh. April 26 2008..  

Palm Sunday 2008 Mass and Procession. Jieh March 16, 2008.  

Way Of The Cross (Darb Al Saleeb) in MP3 Format. 22 New Passion Week Hymns Added.  

New Pictures from Jieh March 2008. 

Ambulance and Ultrasound machine Donation to ND Dispensary from Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jieh Dec 2007 Santas Pics  

Pictures From Jieh, Dec 2007.  

Immaculate Conception Akhawiye Mass, Dec 8,2007.  

*** Breaking News *** Bishop Decree Put On Hold.  

ND Church Completely Shut Down for Third Consecutive Week  

ND Church Completely Shut Down for Second Consecutive Week  

New Open Letter to HB Patriarch Sfeir July 16, 2007  

Visit to HB Patriarch Sfeir.  

Three New Open Letters to HB Patriarch Sfeir and HE Bishop Nassar  

Sunday Jul 8 2007, Complete Shutdown of ND Church in Jieh by Parishioners. New Parish Priest retreats.

New open Letter to HB Patriarch Sfeir. Also Letter from AJCC. Sign Petition.

Tradition and Pride Broken in Jieh. New Pastor from outside Deir Mar Charbel Appointed by Bishop Nassar. Sign Petition.

Latest Donations.

St George's Day Mass Celebration. St George's Church Jieh. April 2007 

ND Jieh Church Construction in Progress April 22 2007 

Darb Al Saleeb.
(The Way of the Cross).
Passion Week Hymns and Schedule.

Church Construction in Progress April 2007 

Palm Sunday. Jieh April 1st 2007.

Australian Donations. March 2nd Sydney Fundraiser.

New Year's Party
Jieh Dec 31, 2006  

Christmas 2006 Kids Party
Jieh Dec 25, 2006  

Christmas Eve 2006 in Jieh
with Santas. 

Christmas Recital Dec 2006.
ND Jieh Choir. 

Merry Christmas.
Christmas Novena Hymns

Church and Jieh Pictures Nov 2006

Jieh Under Siege

Australian Donations.

BVM May 2006 Procession - Jieh

Jieh Pictures May-June 2006.

Australian Donations.

Palm Sunday 2006

Jieh Churches Work in Progress April 2006

Australian Donations.

Thirtieth Anniversary of Jieh Evacuation in 1976.

Christmas Kids Party in Jieh Dec 2005.

Christmas Eve Santas - Jieh Dec 2005.

Christmas in Jieh Dec 2005.

Parliamentary Election Jieh 2005.

*** Donors List *** ND Church-Jieh Fund Raising Party Sydney May 21 2005.

*** Pictures *** ND Church-Jieh Fund Raising Party Sydney May 21 2005.

Announcement: ND Church-Jieh Fund Raising Party Sydney May 21 2005.

St George Fund Raising Party April 23 2005.

St George Feast Mass - St George Church Jieh April 23 2005.

Ancient city of Porpherion - Jieh Pictures April 2005.

Holy Week MP3 Hymns.

Palm Sunday. Jieh March 20 2005.

St George Church (Maqsabeh)Construction Progress.

Sydney Protest Against Syrian Occupation Of Lebanon.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day Kids Party Jieh Dec 25-26 2004.

Christmas in Jieh 2004.

Christmas Novena Hymns. Merry Christmas everyone.

St George Church (Maqsaba) Work in Progress.

Pictures of the new Church Spires

New Archaeological Finds in Jieh.

St Barbara Night in Jieh. Dec 3 2004

St George Church - Jieh (Maksabeh) Construction Underway.

Australian Ambassador her Excellency Ms Stephanie Shwabsky visit to Jieh Sept 4 2004

Join us for Church Construction Fund-Raiser Diner June 5 2004

Complete Elections Results.

Elections Pictures.
Jieh May 2nd 2004

Pictures of Australian Jacaranda Trees Blossoming in Jieh.

Virtual Voting.
Jieh Council Elections. Try It. Vote For Your Candidates.

Latest on the Landfill By Habib Maalouf (Assafir).

Palm Sunday 2004 Procession

New Church Donations Received From Sydney

New video about Jiye and the church construction.

I Am Maronite...Because
by Mr Mikhael Azzi
(Beit Ass3ad) Feb 22,2004

Jieh Coast Pictures.
January 2004

Few pictures of Jieh
January 2004

Church Roof Construction Balance Sheet
Feb 12,2004

Dr Nassif Azzi article in "Sada AL Balad" paper
"I am Maronite...But"
Jan 1,2004

New Year's Party
Jieh Church hall
2003 - 2004

Christmas Eve in Jieh + Christmas Day Kids Party
Dec 24-25 2003

It's Christmas time in Jieh
Dec 2003.

St Barbara Revelers - Jieh
Dec 3 2003.

Church Spires and Crosses Installation Nov 22 2003.

"Friends of the Dispensary" fund-raiser party , Nov 21 2003.

Lebanese Cabinet approved new plan for waste management. Instead of a central Landfill and Sukleen, municipalities in each caza will take charge of waste management and dispose off its waste in its own caza.

Dr Nassif Azzi Open Letter to Env. Minister Fares Boueiz

30/10/2003 Assafir reports on the CDR plans for Landfills

28/10/2003 New article on the proposed landfill in Annahar

Environmental Disaster looming over Jieh

Sit-In Protest Against Proposed Landfill in Jieh

Discussion Board Now active. Sound off.

Pictures of Proposed Landfill Site.

August Beach Pictures

New Church Pictures

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